Ninelogic is a leading aggregated O2O (Online to Offline) platform for high-end services. Leveraging remarkable hospitality vision by aggregating and building those resources of which are in a closely connected demand chain into one
service platform, creating competitive advantage,deploying online booking and offline operating methodology, to provide total solution of trusted services for both of relationship based clients and transaction based customers. We focus on areas that match our strength as shown at right.


We will accomplish our vision through building and operating the high standard, professional services by aggregating the selective resources into our platform and lead the industry with an ecosystem of accommodation, transportation, attractions as well as event places. 
We will accomplish our vision through building our culture that  it's the values we share and the business practices we deploy. We do what we say and we own what we do. That culture also drives how we work every day, utilizing what we call the 5 P's:

We PLAN before we pledge.
We PERFORM as we promise.
We PRIORITIZE the company first.
We PRACTICE improving every day.
We PIONEER new ideas.

Jack Zhang is the founder of Ninelogic Pte Ltd in 2008, the leading company in high-end services platform in Singapore.

Jack studied at NTU and got his MBA from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2010 and Master Degree in Computer Science in 1997 in Chinese Academy of Sciences. With 20 years intensive working experiences with Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, China, Deutsche Bank Asia Pacific and IBM in the U.S and Singapore,  with in-depth understanding of the hospitality demand for Government and  National-owned enterprises, Jack has achieved relative success both as computer scientist and transformed the high-tech methodology into business logic as a business leader in high-end services platform for hospitality and high-end reception, event management for government and state-owned enterprises.  

The core team are from
SJTU, NTU MBAs with the world’s
top 500 enterprises engaged in years in professional management and R&D experiences. Adhering to the enterprise as the first cause of everything thorough detailed plan with communication and cooperation; focusing on results with personal development as well as common achievements.

Team - Strategy



To provide high-end hospitality services so that more people are inspired to be served, a trusted business that is well respected around the world. This vision guides us in pursuit of our mission to become one of the world's great hospitality companies.

Mr. Jack Zhang


Managing Director